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I need help!

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I need help!

Post by Rissa on Tue Jul 26, 2011 3:44 pm

I already signed VF's fakebusters Guestbook, but I'd thought I'd post on a more seemingly legit site.

profile.php?id=100001136412124 (just type in put the first part of the facebook link before this. The forum layout won't let me put the full link here without making it invisible)

At first her name was "Vanessa Lopez Artracter", now it's changed. All the pictures in the album "Profile Pictures" are of different people (except for a quite a few pictures of Anna Chaosbaby). She tries to pass as a 14-year old, but as you can tell in the pictures, all of the girls faked look at least 16 or over. I tried getting her to make me a sign/salute, whatever you want to call it, to prove she was who she said she is. She didn't reply of course, but her friends were quick to jump down my throat and defend her (who were fakes themselves). I looked at the fakebusters.net on facebook and she fits some criteria on "How To Spot A Fake Profile" (they're listed below:)

-Small, bad quality photo's, sometimes hard to see the person's face or photos that look like they're of different people (she has about a handfull of bad quality photos)
-Familiar looking photos that you think you may have seen before. (Anna Chaosbaby, and a couple of other common ones that come up in google search)
-Check out any top friends or people commenting, if they're real they should at least have a few local friends. A page full of comments such as 'thanks for the add' are also a big giveaway that they could be fake. (one of her friends added me, saying that he suspects she's a fake too, as she gives him excuses like "My computer has viruses" or "My webcam isn't working". And the photos she sends him via text messages, are all of different people)
-Take a look at their listed age, does the person in the photos look the age they've listed? (no, as I said, they all look well over sweet 16)

Or I could be over-reacting to this, and it's all roleplay. Actually.. she admits that not all of the people are her, but that still doesn't excuse the fact that she's claiming they are all her. Another sign pointing out that she's a fake is her bad grammar, spelling, and the whole "Lives In New York, New York" thing.. she might be YOUNGER than 14.

As much as people on here like reading, I'm going to close this up with saying PLEASE help me get this person to admit she's fake!! I HATE seeing people being manipulated by a fake, especially this bad! Thank you!


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Re: I need help!

Post by darkfreaks on Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:09 am

Theres nothing you can really do unless you Identify who she is first off faking!

here is some suggestions on who it possibly it is and you can look into it more

*Brookelle Mckenzie
*Izzie Murder
*Sar Bennet
*Becca Louise
*Sandra Linne
*Erin Rae
*MEgan Hollywood
*Deanna Lenore
*Jennifer Lynn Genuine
*Danielle Artaud

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